Below is an exerpt from Marjorie Pack Ericksen: Joy in the Journey

Near the end of my dad's life, he had a series of mini-strokes. On our last trip home before he died, I didn't know what to expect. I knew that he was failing mentally. But, still, I was unprepared for what happened. When our family walked in the door, he did not know who we were. My children were confused. How come their grandpa didn't know their names? He didn't even know me. I was crying, and he was crying because he knew he should know me. I pointed to a family picture on the wall that showed me as a child, and he just shook his head sadly with tears streaming down his face. It was one of the saddest days of my life. When we waved goodbye to my folks standing on the porch, I knew that it was the last time I would see him alive.

"Jenn has a gift. Through our interviews, she was able to take my rambling recollections and then thoughtfully piece the best together with seamless transitions -- using my words.

"The result? A first-person narrative of my life that literally flows. She makes it seem easy, but I know of the countless hours and editing skills involved in the process. Also important -- she instinctively knows what to leave out!

"I had previously written essays about some events in my life, but I didn't know how to go about writing my 'Life Story,' which has been a longtime goal. She did it for me -- complete with photos! Way beyond anything I ever dreamed of doing.

"The finished book has given me a sense of well being that I'm not sure I fully understand. She has captured the essence of who I am and what has shaped me, providing a precious connection to my posterity.

"I'm grateful for the experience of working with her on this project. It's the perfect gift for grown children to give a parent!"

--Marge Pack Ericksen

Below is an exerpt from Ferril A. Losee: A Man of Honor

I grew up a country boy with all the joys that come with being a country boy. My playground was the whole southern end of Lehi, Utahóthe fields and the pasturesóI went swimming in the irrigation ditches and had a raft on a fairly large reservoir. We had a totally different language in Lehi. We said things like the crick instead of the creek; it was carn, not corn; it was harses, not horses. It sounded right to me, though. Even now, I seldom say it good enough for my wife and children; Iím always being corrected. In spite of having a masterís degree and having taught at a university for eighteen years, I am still a Lehi boy.

"I wish to strongly recommend the work of Jenn and Andrew Morrill as editors and photographers of my life story which they recently completed for me. Their work was very professional, and the book which they prepared is fun to read. There is no way that I could have done as well by myself. It was surely the easy way to write a good life story.

"If you want a professionally done life story that is very easy to do, I strongly encourage you to contact Jenn and Andrew."

--Ferril Losee

Below is an exerpt taken from Gayle Smith Farnsworth: A Life of Faith

It was starting to get interesting having five little kids. Carol was only six and really wasnít old enough to help yet. The first six were quite a challenge for me because I didnít have that much help. Iím not sure how I did it. I felt overwhelmed quite often. But I had always told myself I wanted a big family, and so being stressed out or overwhelmed didnít stop me. My favorite saying was, ďThis too shall pass.Ē And it always did. Being a mother became much more fulfilling as the kids grew older. Things began to level off. When the children got older they were able to take care of themselves and help me care for the smaller ones. It just got better and better.

"I enjoyed so much being interviewed for my life history. Jenn asked pertinent questions and showed interest in my responses making it so fun, and such an easy way to get my history done. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to have a record of their life story."

--Gayle Farnsworth